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Trying to revive a dead community

- invented by Colin, Jenn, and Joe at Uplands in Uppsala, Sweden; spring 2002
Switch is actually a lot like Uno. Take a normal, regular old deck of cards, and keep the jokers in. (That's important.) Players are dealt seven cards each. One is overturned on the table, and the rest are left in a pile to be drawn from. The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.

Based upon the card laying on the table, you discard the ones in your hand. The card you discard must be either the same suit or number. If you have nothing to get rid of in your hand, you must draw one card and skip your turn.

Constant (ha! it's about the only thing in this game that is) values are assigned to each card.
Ace = changes the suit OR is a one (not both)
2 = draw two cards
3 = draw three cards
Jack = "plays it back," as Colin dubbed it; you get another turn
Joker = works like an ace, or a two or three (but only in a run)

You can play more than one of a card, and it multiplies it. (Example - two twos mean that the player next to you has to draw four; two threes mean the next player draws six) HOWEVER, if you have a two, you can place it on top of the two that is there, giving you a pass and multiplying the amount of cards to be drawn for the next player. Numbers that are dissimilar do not add (ie - you cannot lay a three down on top of a two and get a free pass, causing the next player to draw five)

In addition, if you have a "run" in any given suit, you can put it down all at once. (Example - four of spades, five of spades, six of spades) It is also possible to have a "run" of a given set of numbers (Example - five of hearts, five of clubs, five of diamonds) Further, you can combine these two aspects (Example - five of hearts, five of spades, six of spades, seven of spades, seven of diamonds) If you use a two or three in a run, the next player is not obliged to draw those cards unless they are the final ones laid down. Also, in a "run," an ace can either be used as a one or as a suit changer, but not as both simultaneously (Example - if the suit on the table is hearts, you can lay down ace of hearts, two of hearts, three of hearts but you can't lay down ace of spades to change the suit, then two of spades, three of spades, etc)

When you are on your last card, you MUST call "last card," or you either forfeit your win or are forced to listen to Joe bitch every single game for the rest of your life.

When you discard your last card, it cannot be an ace, a joker or a jack (the first because it changes suit, the second because it is wild, and the third because it "plays it back" to you again). There's no keeping score of points of the losers, just tallies of how many times you win. We used to play to best of 10, but you can play to however many you want. A game can get pretty long, really. Ten could take us four hours sometimes, easily.

I decided to cut it because it's really long and complicated, and most of you already read them in my lj, but I figured this poor community needed a kick in the pants. :D
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