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Bored 'cause I'm not allowed out of the house in this weather, young lady.

boycut panties
You Are Boycut Panties!
Original, funky, and stylish.
You set your own trends.

What's Kind of Panties Are You?

Dude, duh! :) Hee hee, I had that striped belt with the metal thingie way before anyone else started wearing them. And my yellow and black scarf? I was all over that in Sweden *last* winter. It's not a fashion statement, it's AIK, the bestest (ok, not most talented, but the absolute coolest... Look at my taste in baseball and football football teams. Did you *really* think I'd be any better with footie? Oh, wait, you can't make fun of me anymore because THE JETS KICKED ASS!!! Ha!! I'm sorry, what the hell was I talking about? Oh, yes, AIK...) football team in the world! (In the immortal words of Jake: "A soccer chick? Awesome!" ::insert loser skater hand signal here::) I have *ALWAYS* been all about the stripes. So what if they're cool now? I was way on top of that before Gap was...

In other news, I love Dr. Riga. He should have a city named after him. Oh, wait, he already does! ;)

Slow? Me? Never!
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